You are so generous!  Thank you for publishing the Call for Trees ad for 3 weeks running.  It has had a very positive impact on increasing the rate of registrations and attracting some new first time tree donors.

We went from 38 trees to 66 trees registered since your ad broke. YTD 2017 we were at just 54 registered.

We know there is a lag time of a few weeks between learning about the opportunity, deciding to do a tree, shopping for the tree and decorations, and registering it, and we have knowledge of probably 15-20 more trees in the works that have yet to register.  So we will reach 100 with no problem, but given the size of our space, exceeding 100 would be a big plus. Our top year historically was 160 trees.

Last year, a huge % came in after November 1st,  which taxes our ability to churn out all the print materials and signage in a timely way. So your ads have hastened the pace of registrations in a very positive way.

Your speed in putting the ad together against a tight deadline was incredible.

—Wilda H
It was in very large measure because of your generosity, and our visibility in your Pennysaver, that JFS was able to help the individuals and families in the area who contacted us for assistance.   By far and away, our ad in your Pennysaver was the source of so many, if not most, of our calls.
—Donna P.
I enjoyed working with you on this project.  I appreciate your professionalism and your extra effort.  You and your team created a good looking postcard that will project a positive image for our business.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Thank you,

Hi, I just wanted to let you all know that when I came in the other day, your staff member, Jean, was absolutely wonderful. I can tell that your organization truly cares about potential customers, and will be recommending it to others. It's great to see a company that conducts business in an honorable fashion.

Warmest regards,
To any business person who fears the Pennysaver won't work, I say Baloney...just call me
Thanks so much for helping my business get a boost last month.  From start to finish you had that piece in the mail in less than a week...good job.  Thanks again
Pennysaver helps fill our seminars!  We are pleased with the response we get from advertising in the Pennysaver.  It is not only the number but also the quality of respondent.
We are no longer surprised when a CEO or other executive from a major company starts off by saying, "I usually don't read the Pennysaver, but I happened to see your ad and I'm interested in sending our team of people to your upcoming seminar."  This happens time and again
Sherry K., Direct of Marketing, Brian Tracy International
As a general contractor in Western CT, I was extremely impressed by the number of jobs generated by my advertising campaign in the Yankee Pennysaver.
Mike P
I can honestly say that besides word of mouth (which is slow) I have had more responses from my Pennysaver ads than from any other.
"Both branch managers have told us there is no question that our consistent use of Pennysaver in both Brookfield and Bethel has played a big part in their results which have exceeded expectations.  They know this because customers have come into the branch with the Pennysaver ads in hand to ask about mortgages, CD's ..."